Maybe you have seen this in the news or social media but we, the people of Puerto Rico, have had enough of this. 889 pages of a personal chat between the governor and his team, were leaked to the press. They talk about things which the governor described as “stress relief” but the rest of Puerto Rico doesn’t see it that way. How is being racist, offensive,  mysoginistic, homofobic and profane a stress relief? And, apart from those horrible comments, they confess to corruption and many other illegal stuff.

They make fun of the dead after hurricane Maria, those who died unnecessarily, not because of the hurricane, but because they were ignored after the storm, they couldn’t get the care or medicines they needed because of governor Ricky Roselló’s administrations lack of action. While they were joking around, over 4,000 people died and thousands of others had to flee Puerto Rico because they wouldn’t let supplies get out of the ports.

The list of the abuse, lies and corruption goes on and on and we can’t take it anymore, we want him out. He needs to leave. There have been protests in the capital, San Juan, as well as other towns around the island, the United States and even in Spain. The diaspora has been loud and clear in cities like New York, Boston, Orlando, Tampa and Madrid that his time as governor is over.

These have been going on all week and will continue until he quits; there’s already a schedule for the demonstrations planned for the next few days. I attended the one in San Juan yesterday where about 500,000 people attended and the rest of the people were watching from home. These demonstrations are so big they will go down in history.

As I was there, walking in the middle of the crowd, as everyone shouted ¡Ricky renuncia! (Ricky resign!) was surprised how organized it was. But I really shouldn’t have been surprised because we didn’t want to cause havoc, we wanted our voices to be heard and to be seen.

Apparently he still doesn’t get it and thinks we’re going to get tired, but we’re not going to get tired, we’re not going to forget what he did or what he said, and we wen’t take any more abuse.

We’re not stopping, Ricky, we are stronger than you and we are sick of this. ¡ Ricky renuncia!


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