Yesterday I went to see my neurologist but it was just a routine appointment. Like always he was happy to hear that nothing has happened, no seizures.

I did have to talk to him about an incident I had last night with my pills. I keep all ten of them in a weekly pill container which is divided into morning and evening. Last night, when I was going to take my evening doze the pills where sticking to each other and one of them was stuck to the container. I had to throw that one away because it broke in half as I tried to get it out.

This worried me because I thought maybe heat in my house during the day was causing that. However he did not seem worried about that and said it wasn’t the heat, he said humidity does that.

After I talked to him I started reading a little about the effects of temperature in medicine and I found an article that says that says that No drug should be exposed to temperatures higher than 86 degrees. That’s when I remembered that I took the container full of pills for the whole week with me last weekend. I forgot to mention that detail to the doctor, that I left the container in the car in the sun when we made two stops on our way home. I just told him I was worried about having them in my room all day.

That’s why he said temperatures wouldn’t do anything, because if they’re inside my house all day, in a closed room which had the air conditioner on all night, it won’t get hot enough to cause any damage.

So I’ll have to remember never to leave them in the car again.


2 thoughts on “Medications and hot weather

  1. This is an important point to share. Rose had some temperature sensitive medications that I had to keep in my purse, not in her seizure bag that was left in the car. You are doing great with this blog young lady. keep it up.

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