Today was one of those days I talked about yesterday, a day I had a lot of time to do anything I wanted in the morning. So to make up for the short 30 minute walk last night I wanted to do more today.

I began with another walk, that turned into running too, that lasted for 45 minutes and close to a mile and a half. This is pretty good for 9 am. Then I moved on to YouTube workout videos. I planned to do two but I did the short second video three times.

After finishing those I went back to cardio on the indoor bike for 32 minutes. All of this added up for 101 minutes. Did I mention I did all this before lunch? It’s so good to not have to do anything after work.

I’m not sure if I could do that much or that early every day, even if I had the time, but it’s nice knowing I can at least once or twice a week. That’s good enough.


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