I can’t expect to have a great workout everyday or for every week to be as successful as the last because that’s just not realistic. What I can do is do the best I can everyday. Some days that will mean an hour on the treadmill, workout videos and more time on the treadmill, while others will be just one video.I’ve known that for a long time, so the only pressure I’m putting on myself is to do something everyday. The best that I can.

That’s why today, when I came come from work late and tired I decided to just walk. No running, walking fast or on an incline, just walking at a regular pace.

For a moment I thought I should keep walking or run but what would be the point of that? It’s only Tuesday which means I still have four days of exercise and three days of work ahead of me and tomorrow I can exercise with no rush in the morning.

What’s the rush, if I don’t really have it in me today for whatever reason, there’s always tomorrow. I have pushed myself too hard before and that only ends up with me being too tired or injuring some part of my neck or arm.

I don’t feel bad about taking it easy today because I did exercise but I’m not exhausted.


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