Today, our new walking group bailed on us so my mom and I decided to pick our own walking route. We thought is would be better to walk outside, not in a parking lot so we went nearby to my grandparents neighborhood. It’s safe, it’s open and my mom knows her way around because she grew up there.

We walked for two miles always trying to walk faster, without running. It was getting dark out so we had to be careful and that’s why I didn’t even think about saying anything about making it to three miles or running.

It was a very good walk but I still had to do my T25 video when I got home. I was lucky because today’s video was abs. That one had a little running but it wasn’t bad.

I liked the change in our weekly routine and seeing new sides of a place I have known all my life. I had never seen some of the streets and houses we walked by, while we walked by others I have been seeing for thirty years. I also enjoyed how we changed the plans so last minute and I was able to deal with it so easily. This was better because it wasn’t as hot as it is in the parking lot. But a change of plans last minute is usually not that easy to deal with for me anymore so good for me!


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