Because today also a holiday, I exercised in the morning. It was the same as always, bicycle, video and treadmill. I have been doing everything I’m the same order every day so the only thing that changes is the video I do each day according to the T25 calendar.

Today’s video was a full body workout so it took a lot of energy; I’m glad I got to do that one today that I didn’t have to work. My watch shows that I only did 20 minutes but I promise I did the whole video. I just stopped the timer to get a drink of water and forgot to turn it back on. I remembered to turn it back on at the end during the stretching so it just shows 20 minutes.

After I was done with the video and walked for 25 minutes, it was time to decorate! I’ve had my decorations out for what feels like a week but it was just a few days, but hadn’t moved them since we took them out. Today seemed like a good day to get organized and finally decorate. I started with the tree because I thought it would take a long time and after the tree is decorated it always feels like it’s really Christmas time.

I thought it would take me a while but it really didn’t; it’s a small tree and the lights are built in. Decorating the rest of the house was more of a challenge because I had to decide where I wanted everything.

I think I’m done with everything that I have but I’m still missing a tree topper. I still haven’t found the right one for my tree. It really looks like it might be difficult to find one this year too but it’s early, maybe I can still find one.

And happy Veterans Day!


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