I never take my self to seriously when I say I’m going to wake up early the next day. I know I want to but at night but I don’t really want to in the morning. That’s where I draw the line at being unstoppable, when I want to keep sleeping.

So last night, when I said I was going to wake up early to exercise I was just hoping I could. Turns out I could wake up early, not as early as I wanted to but I woke up earlier than yesterday. This helped me to start exercising like fifteen minutes earlier than yesterday. It’s not a lot but it’s something and I’m proud of that.

I started with half an hour on the stationary bike and then moved on to the videos when I realized that today is Friday. Friday is always double day and that takes an hour. After an hour of intense cardio there really is no need to do more cardio but I do like sticking to the routine so I walked for half an hour and ran for 2 of 3 minutes.

After that I just wanted to sit down and relax but I had to continue doing the work for the class I’m taking online. I’m almost done with week two and I really like this way of taking classes, on my own time. I watched a few videos, took notes and even did a few quizzes. I don’t think they count towards our final grade but they show what I have learned so far and I like what I’m learning.

Both liking what I’m learning and the exercises I’m doing are help me stay motivated to keep going.


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