Week five is over and I can officially say I’m done with part one, or Alpha phase, of Focus T25. I was ok while doing the million lunges during the second video of the day just because it was the last time I would be doing them.That’s what helped me get through today’s two videos, just knowing that next week will be different. It will all be new, more difficult, but new.

I will be starting phase two, Beta, on Monday morning. It’s pretty fast but I have two days to rest and I think that’s enough. If I take more than those two days I will never start and all this work will have been for nothing. I’m not going to do that to myself after I have walked to hard.

I’m also very happy because today was my last day of work this year. I’m on Christmas vacation until January. I won’t be going anywhere given the situation the whole world is going through right now, but it will be nice staying home, resting , spending more time with my dogs and cooking. I don’t have to go anywhere to have a good vacation, I like being home.


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