When my neurologist tells me I need to get another electroencephalogram, I feel a little anxious. I don’t like the thought of having cables glued to my scalp for a whole day and not being able to do anything but stay home, anyway I have to get the EEG. They use this to detect electrical activity in my brain and determine if the epilepsy medicines I’m taking are doing their job or if I need to take more, less or exactly what I’m taking right now.

Usually this sucks because while I have these things in my head I can’t do much or go anywhere but this time it hasn’t bothered me at all. There’s nowhere to go right now because of Covid and I’m actually safer in my house. In fact, I have an excuse to turn on the air conditioner and stay in my room all day because I can’t do any physical activity or sweat because the cables can’t get wet.

I’m not using this as an excuse to be lazy, in fact I already exercised this morning before my appointment just in case they told me I couldn’t after I got the EEG. Today was important because I was starting the second part, Beta phase, of Focus T25.

Beta phase is more difficult than Alpha because you have to do everything faster and it is a little more complicated but it’s doable. I wasn’t as tired as I thought I would be when I was done so I also did half an hour on the stationary bike.

I got a little more that an hour done before going to the neurologist so I didn’t feel bad about not being able to do much for the rest of the day. I stayed in my room and tried to rest in the afternoon but I was still able to do what I do every day or every Monday: I gave my dogs dinner, I took out the garbage and I kept studying for the course I’m currently taking.

Now I just have to keep resting and go back tomorrow to get these things removed from my head.


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