After over a week, I got to go for a walk outside. This is a great thing to do now that it’s December because it’s so nice outside, at least during the evening. You don’t really sweat that much or feel too tired while you are walking. You feel tired when you’re done walking.

Even though I was tired, I still had to do today’s Focus T25. I haven’t missed a day so far, I’m not going to start now that I’m almost done with Alpha phase. So after walking I completed the last Cardio video of this phase.

I’m proud of myself for completing this, or almost completing it but I’m also a little afraid of the next phase. I remember it’s harder than Alpha, this was just preparing us for Beta. Then there’s a third one, Gamma phase. I haven’t done this one but I want to. I read that one is the most challenging of the three but I want to try, even if I have to follow the modifier to get through it. I know I can do it and, why not?

I know I can do it.


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