Today I feel proud of myself. I was able to not just walk and do a workout video, but I also spent half an hour on the bicycle. That was all after going to work, of course it was all possible because I came home from work early but still , it’s an accomplishment.

I planned on being able to do all that but I didn’t know how much I would really do or if I would just sit in the living room watching TV. I had wondered if I would really do everything I say I want to do if I had more time. Today proved that I can do it, I’m tired, but I did it.

It was a very productive day; I worked in the morning and afternoon, then worked out at home, walked around the neighborhood, did some freelance work, and now I’m writing. It feels good being able to look back at the day I just had and be happy with everything I did today, even if I’m very tired and exited to go to sleep. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday and I’m this tired already.

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