Last week, after I got the Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday, I didn’t work out that day or the next. The CDC’s instructions were to take it easy after getting the vaccine. I did that the first time and I didn’t have any side effects except for some pain in the upper left arm, where I got the vaccine, but that’s it. I did the same this time and that meant no exercise. I just came home and rested and had the same results as the first time. I luckily had no side effects to the vaccine.

So today was my first time exercising since last Wednesday. I started week 3 of part two of Focus T25 Gamma again because I didn’t complete it. After the video I used my new ab roller or ab wheel , which I‘ve had for a few weeks and later tried the new rowing machine. We just got this one today and this was the first time I had ever used this kind of machine so it felt a little weird.

I think it will get easier as I keep using it, I think. I’m still having trouble with the ab roller but I just have to keep trying, but not today. I’m very tired after exercising so much today after almost a week without doing anything.


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