“The Last Word”, the life of a writer

When I said I wanted to be a writer many people told me "you're gonna be broke", you wont find a job", "te vas a morir de hambre" (you're gonna go hungry). I didn't listen, because I wanted to write, that's what I love doing and they always told me "you have to love what … Continue reading “The Last Word”, the life of a writer

Postgraduate first day

Today, August 23 2016, our Olympic athletes were being welcomed home with a big caravan, people were everywhere on the streets following them, waiting for them to pass in the street and for them to get to the coliseum. It was a lot of fun to watch them pass from my apartment, it wasn't so … Continue reading Postgraduate first day

For me, nothing is impossible

Only a few months after I got to Puerto Rico after my TBI, a journalist came to see my therapies one day. She witnessed what my day in therapy was like, talking to me, my mom, and my therapists. This was my first chance to share my story with the world, or at least the … Continue reading For me, nothing is impossible