Maybe a year ago or more, I really don’t remember, I got a bracelet with a medical I.D., that showed that I have epilepsy. I never took the bracelet of, not even to sleep, but after almost a year, it broke, I don’t know how. Not only did the bracelet break, but I lost the medical I.D., so for month’s I’ve been walking around with no I.D. saying I have epilepsy. Thankfully, I have been seizure free for all this time, but just because it’s controlled now, doesn’t necessarily mean I will never ever have another seizure.

So I kept looking from time to time and had seen some that I liked, but hadn’t gotten around to buying them. After seeing my neurologist yesterday, the thought of not having that I.D. just kept bothering me. What if something happens at the gym, or at work? So, this morning I decided it couldn’t wait anymore, I had to order it today.

I didn’t have time to order it all day, with another doctor’s appointment in the morning, and doing stuff for work in the afternoon. But I promised my self I would do it before I went to sleep today, I had the money to buy it so I had no excuses, and I ordered it. In fact, I ordered two, a nice cuff to wear during the day, to go to work, or anywhere I go. The other one is an active wear bracelet which I can wear to the gym, or the beach.

I’m happy I finally got around to doing that. This was not just an impulse buy of some bracelets, even though they’re cute, I needed them. 


3 thoughts on “My second medical I.D

  1. Check out Road ID. With the interactive version, you can enter all your medical information like conditions, insurance, medications.

    The ID has a code and password. The first responders can either call in or access you profile by interwebz.

    There are several options in the sense of what type.

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