As I said this morning, my appointment with my neurologist was this afternoon.  After sitting in the crowded waiting room, and waiting, quickly writing and posting another blog post, and waiting a little bit more, they called my name to go see him.

When my doctor came in, after saying all the hellos, I quickly got to the most important, and only thing I wanted to let him know; that I have been seizure free for almost a year. That I will be officially one year seizure free next week. As I suspected, he was very happy, and told me that he won’t change any of my two anti-epileptic meds, Keppra and Vimpat, for now  because the seem to be working ok, and are doing their job.

He does want me to get some tests done, to make sure everything is really ok, and it’s been a while since I’ve had any tests done. But so far, everything looks fine, and I’m really hoping that these tests don’t show anything different, anything that would say I’m not fine. I don’t feel like anything is wrong, I’m just really happy to have this under control, and I don’t want anything to say otherwise. I like these two anti-epileptic medications I’m on, I  have not shown any negative symptoms to them so far, they don’t make me drowsy (other than my normal drowsiness in the morning).  The best part about them, they have controlled my epilepsy!

One more week to make it official!!!



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