Why can’t I have my meds?

Having health insurance is something we have all come to need, but a big pain in the b…ack.

I just changed my health insurance coverage because I’m about to turn 26, at which age I can no longer  be covered by the same plan as my parents. So as soon as we could, we went and switched me out of my mom’s coverage.

Now, I’m with the same company, I just have a different coverage; that’s it, but I don’t think they get that. I feel like I’m getting treated like I’m a new customer and they have no information about me. I need a new dose of one of my anti-seizure medicines I’ve been taking for over three years, but they won’t let me get it until I get them a note from my doctor saying I need it and why I need it. I specifically told them I have epilepsy when I changed my cover; I even told them what medicine I take. They have all that information.

Why do I need it? Because I am still the same girl I was last month. My doctor already sent you a letter telling you I have epilepsy. You should have that letter in your files, so there is no reason for this. You should stop holding my medicine ransom.

While the health insurance people are playing with my medicine, and my emotions, I got the two medical I.D. bracelets I ordered last week. I’m very happy because now I feel safe again. No matter where I go or who I’m with, people can just look at my wrist and see that I am an epilepsy patient.


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