My neurologist sent the pharmacy the justification for my need of the anti-seizure medicine yesterday afternoon. The pharmacy didn’t get around to getting it to the health insurance until today. They could be excused if they didn’t know my need for the medicine was like, yesterday, if we hadn’t been asking for it for days. I don’t want to hear their excuse for not sending it when they got it.

But, a few minutes ago I took the last dose I had, and after talking to them on the phone, we found out that it takes 48 hour for those documents to be processed. That means that if they got that this morning, the pharmacy probably won’t give me my meds until Thursday.

But, excuse me health insurance, aren’t you there to benefit me?

I don’t think so, and if you are not going to help me get the medications I will have to pay for them myself, because either way I have epilepsy, and I need them. Whatever argument you have, I have epilepsy, you’ve known about it for years, you have the information about my need for the medicine in your office. I’ll say it again, if I had epilepsy a few months ago, I still have it. It doesn’t just go away, and  you are the one not making this any easier.

I will get those meds, weather you help me or not, the only difference you will make me pay full price for them. At least these are not the expensive ones, and I will be ready for when I have to get more of those. You are not going to cheat your way out if paying for the expensive medicine.

You are messing with the wrong person.



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