In a few hours I will have to start telling people I’m a year older, I already got the dreaded question; how old? Come on!!! Really? I said it, but it just sounds weird saying it. I do feel great because I already went out to celebrate with my favorite food. but tomorrow when I wake up it will be official.

As I think about it there is one part that sounds good, I can say I’ve been seizure free since I was 24. When I’m 26, saying my last seizure was when I was 24, it sounds like more time. It sounds better than being 25 and saying I’ve been seizure free since I was 24. I mean, I really shouldn’t care what other people think, especially not when I’m talking about epilepsy; and I don’t care what they think, it just sounds good to me. I don’t really care what other people think, I just care how I feel, and I feel  stronger because I have this under control.

One more year tomorrow, not older, just wiser and stronger. I’ll keep fighting, keep getting stronger and more seizure free. And this year really didn’t go by that fast, I feel like I was 25 for a really long time, so I feel good, and ready to move on.

But I have been reading about all of this, about what people need to, and should know; and the truth is people do need to know and talk about this. This is why The Epilepsy Foundation has started a movement dedicated to get people talking about this; a movement called, Talk About It!

Through talk about it, they provide people with information from what epilepsy is, to therapies, research, and how to live with it.

Learn more about Talk About It! by visiting their website



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