I have a question primarily for other brain injury survivors but if anyone else feels like they have something to say, you are welcome to answer. As I have said before, I’m having a lot of trouble finding a job, I have been to a lot of interviews and applied to even more jobs but I don’t get a call back. Have other brain injury survivors had this same problem?

What is the problem? I have to pay loans and I have to move on with my life, I can’t be unemployed and a burden to my family forever, five years is enough.


2 thoughts on “Five years is enough

  1. Hi: I am Chabela, and I went to school with your Mom. Can’t wait to meet you in person and I hope that it happens soon! I have heard that some students are able to have their loans forgiven, because they experience some serious medical issues. I do not know the requirements, and truly hope that it helps you! You are quite an inspiration and role model, particularly to young girls! Please say hi to your Mom que tambien es mi ahijada!

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