This morning I woke up earlier than usual, even though I had a long day at work because today I had an appointment with my neurologist. It was just a routine checkup, to let him know how everything is going and of course I was very proud to tell him that, if everything keeps going well, as of next month I’ll officially be four years seizure free!!!

He was very happy about that and about my job, me living in my own apartment, cooking and cleaning by myself. However, he didn’t love that I’m not driving again and wants me to get back on that right away. He said we need to set up a time and place when we can go and practice. My mom and I both agreed that the person who needs to help me practice is my stepdad Jose, he has patience with me, and I’m calm driving with him.

So, as always, it was a very short but pleasant visit; there were no changes to my medications since I have had no seizures, which I have feared. I hate taking so many pills every day but taking them has stopped my seizures so if that’s the price I have to pay for no more seizures, I’m happy to take them. Beside, it’s only six for epilepsy.

Now, let’s start driving again!


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