I started doing some very serious, in depth research on a very important topic that may change the way my parents and I live our lives. I am very excited to embark on this journey so I decided to jump right in and learn as much as a could about treadmills. We have decided we want to purchase one, if we can find one for a reasonable price.

Why a treadmill? Well because we all want to walk like we used to in our old apartment. We were all in better shape because of it, even the dogs, but everything is different now. First of all we don’t live in an area where we can just go on a nice walk, run into other walkers and enjoy the nice view; there is none of that around here. Besides we are all working now and have a little of a commute to get home so by the time we get home, going out is the last thing we want to do. Walking in the morning is another option but no one is up for doing that, especially me.

Getting a treadmill we can all use seems like the best way to get us walking again, but getting a treadmill is not as easy as I thought. I thought we could find a store that had a good collection of them and we could just pick. They don’t sell them everywhere and where they do sell them, they don’t have a huge selection and they are not cheap. There are cheap ones, but if it’s too cheap, you have to be careful because it might not be the safest or more durable treadmill.

So, I Googled it, looking for the best brands, where to buy them, best recommendations and what to look for in a treadmill and prices. I got a lot of information pretty easily and most websites recommended more or less the same brands as the best , the problem is the price.

I’m so naive, I thought we could get one for $300 when the price for a good one is closer to over $1,000, and $2,000. I don’t have that kind of money but I hear  you can get one for a reasonable price if it’s on sale. I read some of the best brands are NordicTrack, ProForm, and Sole Fitness but they are not cheap. There are so many other things like belt size, speed, incline, cushioning, stability, control panel, and weight rating. These are almost all things we have to look at, in addition to prize, to help us make the final decision.

I hope it doesn’t take us too long to find one because I don’t want to get impatient and choose a cheap but very bad one.



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