Today I had a therapy session to take care of my back pain. Just like I’m always told when I have back pain, where I feel it is not the only place my muscles are tense. As the therapist massaged my back it didn’t just hurt on the right side, but my left side and my shoulders too.

It was good to know this was not caused by one specific thing I did wrong, or by my age, because that means it wasn’t something I can’t remember. On the other hand, I need to be careful and pay attention to what I’m doing so I don’t hurt myself again.

I feel a lot better now but I still need to go back for at least one more therapy session to make sure my back is ok. They told me I should drink water and put ice on my back. I’m going to do everything I can to feel better by Sunday because I’m going to see Ricky Martin in concert on Sunday night and like every Ricky Martin concert, I know it’s going to be great! I will not let my back ruin the concert or another work week for me.


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