This afternoon I did the second video of the Focus T25 exercise routine. I thought I wouldn’t want to do anything today after all I did yesterday but I did!

Just like yesterday, I used the stationary bike, did the video and walked on the treadmill. Today I used the bike for 45 minutes, then today’s video, and later walked on the treadmill. Before I started I had not realized all the exercises on today’s video were done fast. It wasn’t difficult to keep up and concentrating on doing everything fast made the time go by fast too. Some moves were still a little difficult, just like they were the first time so I followed the modifier. The modifier does an easier or safer version of the same exercise.

That’s perfect because there’s some jumping moves that are very difficult. I wasn’t able to do them correctly the fist time and I didn’t finish the second time because I felt like I didn’t need the modifier anymore and got injured. I’m not making that mistake again so I’m sticking with the modifier. I know there’s things I can’t or shouldn’t do so I’m going to be safe.

I always like to share my results but I had to charge my smart watch while I was on the stationary bike. This is all I can show as evidence that I did it.

I was able to charge it enough for the video and the walk.


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