Our goal for yesterday was to only walk for two miles outside the walls of old San Juan again but we didn’t walk all the way to the end. We completed the first mile before we got to the end, at which point we turned back and did the second mile.


Today it was going to rain so I stayed home and did my whole workout here. I did my usual bicycle, video and treadmill and wanted to try to walk and run three miles but could only make it for a little more than one mile. I wasn’t tired or out of breath or anything but the arch of my right foot hurts. It had been bothering me for a few days and I finally realized that I might need new, better shoes to run. So I got new running shoes and I feel like I’m walking on air when I put them on but I guess some damage had already been done because when I run my foot still hurt.

I decided to take it easy and only finish one mile. I really like running but I have to take it easy if something hurts, if I just ignore it’s only going to get worse. Because of that I don’t think I’m going to run tomorrow, I’m still doing the video and maybe the bicycle and walk but I’m definitely not going to try to run.

I hope I can keep being as active in 2021 as I’ve been in these last few months of 2020 so if taking things a little bit easier for a while is what it takes then I’ll do it. I’ll try running again when my foot feels better.


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