Yesterday I remembered that I finished Focus T25, so I needed to find something else to help me exercise. I spent all week telling myself I needed to look for something but I never did, so when I was in a rush yesterday to figure something out I signed up for Beachbody On Demand. They have a lot of great workout programs, Focus T25 being one of them.

I started to do one of their programs this morning but it just wasn’t the same. I knew it would be different because this one was focused on running and getting you ready to run a 5k and that interested me but I didn’t like it. We didn’t do much, I didn’t get tired and it was a little boring.

After you exercise a little bit they sort of try to prepare you to run a race so I went on the treadmill and followed instructions on when to jog, run and walk. It kind of helped but I prefer running when I want to and walking when I get tired, not running when they tell me to run but I did complete one mile. Then I kept walking after the video was over and completed another mile.

I looked through the other programs they had to offer but I didn’t see anything that I liked so I canceled my subscription. I’m not worried though, there are a lot of free workout videos on YouTube and I was already recommended one so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Also, with those two mile I walked today, I have completed 19.39 miles of the 30 I have to to before the end of January. I feel like I’m a little behind but I think I can still do it.


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