Yesterday I finished the first week of the first part of Focus T25 Gamma! Just like the previous Focus T25 videos, you do the different videos five times a week according to the calendar provided with the program, Saturday is rest day and you stretch on Sunday.

I wasn’t able to do all the videos that well, but I finished everything, all five days, even if I did waste some time trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing. It will be easier once I start to learn the routines and can keep up with them but now I’m just guessing what some of them are because I can do them and look at the TV at the same time. Maybe I need to watch and then go back and do it .

The easiest ones are the moves that were already on Alpha and Beta version because I already know what to do, even if I have to do it faster or there’s something added, I still know what to do. The new ones will take a little longer to get used to but I’ll get it eventually. Until then I’ll just keep trying and even if I’m not doing exactly what they’re doing, at least I’m moving. As long as I don’t hurt myself, something is better than nothing.

I don’t know if it’s just because I can’t keep up and can’t do everything yet, I feel like Focus T25 Beta was more difficult, except for one video, Speed 3.0. There was already a Speed 1.0 in Alpha and Speed 2.0 in Beta, but the one in Gamma is worse. I didn’t think they could make you move faster than Speed 2.0 but they did and it’s hard to keep up. I had to do that one twice this week and realizing that was not a lot of fun.

Regardless of that and having to work lite twice this week, I finished this first week also working late twice this week so I think I can do this.


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