Out of nowhere, I’m already on week three of Focus T25 Gamma. Actually, I’m more that halfway done with week three.

This sort of seems a little unbelievable because Gamma Phase is not easy but the great part is that there are no double days. Friday is just one regular video just like the rest of the week, except every seems more difficult as the week goes by. On Monday I feel like I can do two videos, no problem. I don’t do two videos it I feel like I could. On Tuesday I don’t feel that way anymore and on Wednesday I can barely make it through one.

I have also been going along with my parents to walk my dogs after I finish exercising at home. I don’t go every day like I used to years ago, sometimes I’m tired and decide to stay home, but I try to go with them most days. I like walking with my dogs and being outside. Nowadays we have to enjoy every chance we get to be outside safely, without being close to other people and with a mask.


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