Ok now I’m done with week three of Focus T25. I finished everything this week, even the Sunday stretch. Tomorrow I begin the fourth and last week of part 1 of Gamma.

Even though I’m almost done with the first four weeks, I still feel like I’m on week 1 because I’m still having trouble following the videos. I don’t know if that is because the videos are too difficult and fast or because I’m tired. On Monday I’m fine doing the videos, but as the week goes on and I’m more tired, it feels like they are going way too fast.

I sometimes have to pause the video to take a drink of water and dry my face. Like I said before, this isn’t always the case, I like the challenge and it is only 25 minutes. I do more when I’m on the bicycle and the treadmill but I don’t really have to think when I’m on either one of those.

These past three weeks have gone in a hurry, I still can’t believe I’m almost done with part one. I’m not sure if part two will be easier or not because that one includes videos from Alpha and Beta Rounds. I’m already used to those but Friday is double day again.

I’m a little scared but I can do it.


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