Last week, after getting the vaccine, I thought I would be able to finish week 4 of my workout routine. This is the first time, since I started doing these videos that I haven’t completed a whole week of videos but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to, my arm hurt when I moved it. So rather than forcing my self to do something that would hurt, I decided not to finish the week and star over this week.

I thought it would be difficult to star again after not finishing last week and doing the stretch video yesterday but it wasn’t worse than it usually is. I had to do the Extreme Circuit video which is just like the name, extreme, but I finished it.

Now that my arm doesn’t hurt anymore, I can do everything again. I did all the burpees, pushups and weight exercises on the video and I was fine. But since it was late when I started exercising and I worked the whole day, I gave myself a break today and didn’t use the treadmill or bicycle . Tomorrow I have no excuses and I should be back to my daily routine, using the bicycle and treadmill, before and after the video.


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