After five weeks, I finished part 1, Pure Gamma, of Focus T25 Gamma!

The calendar is only four weeks but I couldn’t finish the fourth week on my first try because I got my COVID-19 vaccine that week. On my second try this week, everything went great. It was still difficult, like it always is, but I was able to finish.

Now, I’m going to rest this weekend and get ready to start part two. It’s called Pure Strength Hybrid, which is a very intimidating name. How much strength are we talking about? My weights are 1, 3 and 5 pounds. That’s as much as I can do right now but I had trouble with the 5 pounds in the beginning and now I’m getting better.

If a survived the first part, I should be able to survive the next part. I think this time it will also take me five weeks because I get my second Covid19 vaccine on the third week.

It’s not important how long it takes me, what matters to me is that I do it without hurting myself.


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