I did it again! I finished another month of Shaun T’s crazy workout programs. But that was only the first month of this program, I still have three moths to go.

I have to be optimistic and think that I can do it because if I don’t, I don’t think I will be able to make it for three more months. I already got through the most difficult challenge, which is starting; after that I already know what I’m up against.

I already put myself through one month and I made it so I can take three more. Every little thing I have done so far has prepared me for the next, so I just have to keep going. I know every part is more difficult than the one before but I’m ready for that.

The most important thing is to keep looking forward and only look back to see how much you have improved. This only helps you get better, to see how far you have already gotten and makes you want to get better. It’s not about showing people or proving anything to anyone but yourself.


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