I just found the best online certification that I want all my family and friends to get, just in case. This free, online certificate is a 30 minute course that “educates the public on the Epilepsy Foundation’s basic procedures for responding to someone having a seizure.” If you complete the course you receive a certificate but I don’t think getting the certificate should be your main goal; the main point of this is to be able to give first aid to someone having a seizure.

I want to take the class because I want to be able to help if I see anyone having a seizure and I recommend it to everyone. Who knows when someone may need you help. There are 65 million people in the world with epilepsy and you don’t have to have epilepsy to have a seizure. However, people are diagnosed with epilepsy if “they have two unprovoked seizures (or one unprovoked seizure with the likelihood of more) that were not caused by some known and reversible medical condition like alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar.”

If you are interested in learning about seizure first aid and getting the certification, go to Seizure First Aid Ready (On Demand)


What is epilepsy?- https://www.epilepsy.com/learn/about-epilepsy-basics/what-epilepsy


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