This was a difficult week to start doing a new workout program, especially one like Insanity. Aside from looking for jobs and taking two online certifications, we were taking care of three dogs my parents found abandoned in the park. We were able to find homes for two of them but we still have one of them. I named her Penny, which is going to make giving her to whoever adopts her more difficult.

But that was all nothing compared to these workouts. It’s been one week and I’m so tired but already feel the changes. My legs, arm and even abs hurt but when it comes to working out, that means it’s working.

I finished the first week this morning and I had to take so many breaks, especially at the end of the video and this was the one I did on Tuesday. It was not that I wasn’t able to do it, I was just tired from the rest of the week so if I wanted to finish I had to take breaks.

In the end I was happy because I was done for the day, I have my rest day tomorrow and because I completed the first week! If I finished the first week, I can finish the rest; deciding to start is the most difficult part. I already did that and saw that I can do it, now I just need to continue and that’s not that difficult.


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