Guess what I did today.

I finished month one of Insanity!

Honestly, I can’t even describe how I feel; I don’t really know. It’s a mix of proud, surprised, motivated, happy and tired. I’m very tired but I think that’s understandable, it’s been four very tough weeks. I haven’t skipped one day and some days I used the stationary bike. A couple of days I even used that treadmill too.

I have already sort of made it part of my daily routine so I hope I didn’t tire myself out too much to do month two or that I won’t find time to do it once I find a job. Maybe I won’t be able to use the bicycle or treadmill as much, but I don’t want to give up doing the videos. I feel really good about myself and I feel great.

I don’t even think about doing the workout or consider not doing it anymore, it’s just another part of my day. So when I find a job, I’m sure I’ll be able to fit it in, probably in the afternoon. I really need a job so I’ll find a way to do workout before or after.

But for now, I’ll just rest tomorrow, hopefully recover this week, during “recovery week” and keep doing my best to find a job.


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