Recovery week it over! In the begging I was happy to have a break from the intense workout but by Thursday I wanted it to be over. It started to get boring because it’s the same video every day. By the fourth day of doing the same thing, I was sick of it, but I had to finish it.

This week was easy, it was recovery from the very demanding and intense first month of Insanity. It’s not supposed to be difficult or exhausting, you have to work still have to work, but not as hard as you usually do. I thought I was doing just that, I wasn’t even doing any other exercise. This week was supposed to be my recovery week.

I must have done something wrong because now my knee hurts and I have no idea what I did because I don’t remember it starting to hurt at any point during the workout. Today I decided to modify the moves so it wouldn’t hurt, so while I did the video, it wasn’t exactly the same thing they were doing.

I think I’m going to need a recovery week from the recovery week because I can’t n start month two like this. If I do, it’s only going to make it worse so if it still hurts on Monday, after my rest day tomorrow, I might take a break from Insanity this week and do something easy and rest until my knee feels better.


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