After taking a small break from Insanity after the recovery week, it was time to go back. My knee is not bothering me anymore, it feels a lot better, and all it took was one stretch video. Well, that and resting for the rest of the weekend.

It was a small surprise to see that after doing the Fit Test video, I also had to do another one and realizing halfway through the video that it was an hour long. It was so long that my watch ran out of battery and I swear I thought the time on the video wasn’t moving.

When my watch ran out of battery I thought about just stopping the video but then everything I had already done would have been a waste of time. So I pushed myself to finish, even if I had to take a lot of breaks. Even if I had to take breaks, I surprised myself other times, like when I had to run in place or even when I had to jump.

From what I saw today, I know this month is going to be very difficult but I know I can do it, or at least I hope I can. I already survived day one, only 24 more to go.


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