Today I got back in the driver’s seat of a car and went for a short and kind of slow drive. I have started driving again a few times already and I never get anywhere, but by the comments I got after my short drive, this will be better. My mom said I did well and that I was more confident this time. It feels great hearing that from her, which is very motivating and I did feel more confident this time, although not being around many other cars made it a lot easier but it felt great being told I did well.


While I was already feeling pretty good about myself, I decided do today’s PiYo video after I got home. Doing this video was exiting because it meant I finished Month 1 of PiYo. After four week of PiYo I am tired and I feel everything I have done, especially in my legs, but I’m not exhausted and I know I can keep going for another month.

That being said, I’m ready to start Month 2 tomorrow.

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