Three weeks ago I started working again. It’s great because I start working at 12 PM so I have the whole morning to do whatever I want. However, until today, I was just waking up late and just wasting the whole morning. After I got home from work I still had to workout and do whatever other chores I has left over.

Today was different, I woke up at 8 AM to take my medicine and did not go back to bed. I had decided that today I would workout before work, and I did. Since I was well rested, I had all the energy to get on the stationary bike, then do a PiYo video and walk after. I also ran a little.

I had not done all three in a long time, even though the PiYo videos aren’t intense, I just didn’t have time or energy to do all that later in the day. I even felt more comfortable doing everything and burned more calories than I usually do after doing the same video I did today.

I felt great after and I wasn’t in a rush or sleepy like I thought I would be. I got to work on time and was more awake that I usually am. It also gave me time to sit down and write. I love this!


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