I didn’t waste any time looking for a new workout program after I finished the four month PiYo program last week. I quickly started the PiYo/T25 Hybrid calendar and I really enjoy the mix of these two programs. I like having the intense T25 workouts combined with the low impact PiYo workouts.

Having to do the T25 Cardio video this morning was great to wake me up and get the day started. I was even surprised by how I could hold my balance while standing on one leg and grab my other ancle behind my back with both hands. Being able to hold that pose for as long as the athletes do in the video is all thanks to PiYo.

I alsolike that I could just switch them around anytime I want to depending on how much time I have or how tired I am is great and I won’t get bored because the schedule has so many different videos.


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