Today I finished all four months of PiYo. This low impact program combines benefits from both Pilates and Yoga.

It was something new to me and a little different than what I was used to but I quickly learned and enjoyed it. It was nothing too difficult but not too easy either. It was definitely a challenge,like being asked to be upside down, but a challenge that could be overcome.

By the end of those four months I was able to keep my balance while standing on just one leg, most of the time. I’m now going to lie, some days I was more tired and I couldn’t, but I always tried.

I’m happy I set another goal and was able to accomplish it. The next one I plan to begin tomorrow is the PiYo/T25 Hybrid workout. This one switches between the PiYo and Focus T25 workouts. I’m excited about this one because I have already done both workouts separately; let’s see if I can combine them.


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