I’m no longer hoping, wishing or even dreaming about writing for a magazine, that’s all in the past because IT HAPPENED! I just wrote not one but TWO ARTICLES in the January 2023 edition of Solapreneurs Magazine.

Solapreneurs Magazine is a new magazine published in Puerto Rico for female entrepreneurs. Here you will find stories of women in every industry, from construction to engineering, hospitality to real estate, from marketing and public relations to technology, and even writers, like me. We can do anything and Solapreneurs is here to to prove it and help motivate, guide and finally to achieve it.

By making me a collaborator for the magazine they have not only made one of my dreams come true, but have helped me gain more confidence. This magazine has allowed me to write as Unstoppable María and share my experience and motivate others. This is also an amazing opportunity for Unstoppable María continue to grow and reach a wider audience.

What brings me more joy is that it will also allow me to help female entrepreneurs by sharing their stories. One of my articles is an interview with a very inspiring team, a mother and a daughter working together in a boutique they created together. It brings me joy to be able to give them a voice, share their story and help their business grow.

Helping others see that there is always hope, to never stop fighting, and that anything is possible if you work hard, has always been a very important part of Unstoppable María. Finding one more way to share this positive attitude, being able to join a group of women who believe the same thing, and doing something to make a difference is so inspiring and makes me so happy. I’m so excited to work with this group of women and make all the difference I can.


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