Today I was given information about Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Epilepsia, or Puerto Rican Epilepsy Society. I had heard there was one, but when I tried searching for it online, I didn’t find anything; so I got really excited when my boss told me she works with them on some projects. She also told me that she would try to make it possible for me to meet the president of this organization, and today she gave me their card.

logo-de-sociedad epilepsia

I already looked them up online, bookmarked the page, and read a little bit about them. One of the things I read is that they work with the Epilepsy Foundation of America, which I follow on Facebook. It was through their page that I just found out that later this month the National Walk for Epilepsy, will be held in Washinton D.C.

Walk for epilepsy

This event is held every year to raise awareness, teach people about epilepsy, and raise funds needed for research towards treatments for epilepsy and ultimately finding a cure.


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