I woke up this morning with no intent of getting up. It’s Friday, I don’t really have anything important today. In my sleepy mind there was nothing special about this Friday, I hadn’t been waiting for this day all week, all, 7 other days of this months, or for 12 months. But wait… I HAD! I had been keeping a count down every month for 6 months, and the wait is over, the day it here.

What day? My first anniversary being seizure free.

Once I got it through my head that this is the day, I stayed in bed, but I started texting friends and family; but then I thought, “I have to get up”. I can’t spend my seizure free anniversary, laying in bed texting. I have to get up, I have to draw, and I have to write.

I have to enjoy this day, I have to remember this day, and I want everyone to know I did it. I made it one whole year without having any seizures! I didn’t do this alone, I have to thank my parents and my family, my friends, and everyone else who has joined me on this long and very difficult journey, especially my awesome doctors.

Unfortunately, it’s not over, I have to keep doing everything I have been doing during this last year to continue to be seizure free. Honestly, with the right medicine, it’s not that hard, it is horrible with the wrong medicine, and having epilepsy is still not easy.  I just hope it gets easier as I keep going, and as one of my best friends just told me, “a year ago you had the last one and it’s over, you will never ever, ever,ever have another one. I quickly corrected her, that sadly it doesn’t work that way but I hope so; now I think I was too quick to correct her and I hope she’s right. I hope I never, ever, ever, ever have another seizure. I trust her, she’s in med school.

epilepsy fd with the wrong person

My fight it’s not over, but knowing that I can control it for one whole year shows me that I can control it for many more. I hope you will all join me for one more year of being unstoppable.


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