Today I met the president of the board or directors of Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Epilepsia or Puerto Rican Epilepsy Society which I had mentioned before. My boss had told me I’d have the chance to meet them, and that day came today. It was great, meeting someone with such an important position who works to help people like me. She told me about all the things they do to help people with epilepsy, such as providing therapy, and information about epilepsy. They have a few centers on the island, and it was also great to see them reaching out in activities such as the Walgreens 5K to let people know about them.

I was given information to reach out to them, not only for any help I might need, but to share my story with them. This was very generous on their part and I got a very good first impression from them.

I am very happy this type of organization and help exists in Puerto Rico, and is engaging in activities such as this one. And don’t forget, the Walgreens 5K will be held this Sunday.


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