Early this morning I had another appointment at the neurologist, this time it was to have the EEG removed from my head. I was more than happy to go, to not have anything glued to my head or cables running down my back from my head to a bag.

After everything was removed I was very happy, except for all the glue in my hear. Before I could exercise, I had to get as much of the glue out of my hair as I could. I even used dish soap on my hair to try to get some of it out and it worked. For anyone who didn’t know it, dish soap gets glue out of your hair

When I had enough if it out I got started with my exercise routine. Today I could do all three, the bicycle, video and treadmill but today’s video was a little tougher than yesterday’s. The video was Speed 2.0, and that means doing everything really fast. The good thing is that it’s done before you know it but sometimes you’re not sure if you’re keeping up.

I did the best I could and I did another half an hour on the treadmill afterwards and I didn’t think I would be able to do anything before or after these videos once I started but I can so I’m very proud!


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