That’s right, just two weeks of Insanity. That’s s nothing, especially after you have already put in six weeks, seven if you count recovery week, but right now it feels like an eternity. That’s 17 workout videos in 13 days.

There’s two ways of thinking about that:

1) Shit, that’s a lot! I can’t do that, I’m tired.

2) Shit, that’s a lot, but I can do that!

I choose #2 because if I quit every time I was tired, I would have quit the first time I did Focus T25 or way before that when I was still in therapy learning how to walk and swim again. If I would have quit in therapy I would have never forgiven myself. If I quit now, I know I will forgive myself because it’s really not the same thing but I will always wonder if I could have done it.

So, even while I’m very tired right now, I’ll make sure I start week 7 tomorrow and work even harder during these next two weeks.


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