You have been seizure free for eleven months. You feel like you will never have another seizure. But then you get dizzy. You get up, and you feel something in your head, like a little headache. But you just had lunch so you’re not hungry. You just had diet coke so you should be awake. But you just can’t shake that weird feeling off.

This has happened before, but you don’t remember what happened after, what it was all about. So you go on. The headache is there, but you are still here. You’re conscious, and you remember everything. That’s all that matters.

You sit down. You feel a little better, but the headache is still there. It’s not a horrible headache, but it’s still there, and you can’t ignore it. You’re worried. What’s going to happen, is there something bad coming? Is it an aura?

Sit down, drink some juice, turn the lights off, and watch TV. That’s all you can do.

Then, before you know it, 8 p.m. comes around. Without thinking about it you get up and take you anti seizure medicine. You’re clear for the day. It’s one more day seizure free.

No longer scared, you go back to watching TV. You just needed to eat, and rest. You did too much, too early. Be proud, and take it easy, you’re still seizure free. 11 months going on 12!

take it easy


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