“Traumatic Brain Injury later in life increases Parkinson’s risk”. After reading this title for an article, I immediately thought a Parkinson’s disease was one of the effects of a TBI, and I was going to go yell at somebody for never telling me that. That scared me, even though I didn’t have the TBI later in life, but just the thought of there being a risk of that made me keep reading. I’m glad I finished reading the article before I yelled at anybody. It later clarifies that a TBI doesn’t cause Parkinson’s disease, which calmed me down.

A TBI, or other  brain injury may increase your chances of getting parkinson, but it does not cause it. There are still environmental factors, like insecticides and pesticides, and genetics also play a part in this, even though it is not considered a genetic disorder. But, for my mental health, 98.3% of people with a Traumatic Brain Injury did not develop epilepsy.

That is very good to hear because I already suffer from epilepsy after the TBI, I don’t want to add Parkinson’s to the list right now. My brain has already been through enough.

Here’s the article I’m talking about: Traumatic Brain injury


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