Emotions after a TBI

Surviving a TBI means a lot of different things and it brings a lot of changes to our lives. It not only changes our lives and what we are capable of doing but messes with our feelings, the way we see things and react to things. I snapped at my family and friends for very … Continue reading Emotions after a TBI

Brain Injury Awareness Moth: Not Alone

February was Epilepsy Awareness Month, March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. For the last two years and this year, 2015 to 2017, the campaign for Brain Injury Awareness Month has been Not Alone. Reminding people that we are not alone is probably one of the most important things for a brain injury survivor, at least … Continue reading Brain Injury Awareness Moth: Not Alone

Parkinson’s and TBI

"Traumatic Brain Injury later in life increases Parkinson's risk". After reading this title for an article, I immediately thought a Parkinson's disease was one of the effects of a TBI, and I was going to go yell at somebody for never telling me that. That scared me, even though I didn't have the TBI later … Continue reading Parkinson’s and TBI

National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Today, we begin March, or Brain Injury Awareness Month. Because of this, I would like to dedicate all, or most of my blog posts to sharing information about TBI or other brain injuries. A brain injury is not something that just happened to me, this is something that we all should be aware of. There … Continue reading National Brain Injury Awareness Month