Well, the health insurance still hasn’t approved my request for the anti-seizure medicine. My epilepsy won’t wait for them to decide to approve to help pay for my medicine. If I didn’t have an angel watching over me at the pharmacy, I would be in crisis mode, which could cause a seizure.

This is totally unacceptable. It can’t take them this long to approve a medicine they had already approved, and they have proof it’s necessary.This is the thing that doesn’t add up about health insurance, they help us pay for medicine when they want to, yet we still have to pay some part of the medicine and them for providing that service.

I am very unhappy right now. They are just making me wait so they don’t have to pay for my medicine, but that’s their job!

When I heard they still hadn’t approved it earlier today, I almost lost it, I wanted to call them and either fight or make them feel very bad. I didn’t have to because of those angels in the pharmacy, but I was ready. Don’t mess with me.

This is not funny. Stop playing hard to get and give me my medicine.


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